My Favorite Images from 2017

2017 was a very interesting and enjoyable year. My goal was to scout and shoot more often, but take less pictures per location and cull harder. And the year has gone by really, really fast. So before I started collecting images for this post, my feeling was that it might be a "down" year for... Continue Reading →

Kauai Film Reveal

There's a pretty huge difference between shooting film and taking digital images. But the one that strikes me the most, is how different the workflow is. In digital I'd shoot up the scene and process each day's images at night. Then post away to social media and lean back waiting for my 15 minutes of... Continue Reading →

Crib Notes on Long Exposure Photography

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to give a private photography lesson on Lopez Island. The lesson was primary tailored towards long exposure photography but also include some general discussions on exposure and post processing techniques as well as some advice on gear. I thought I'd summarize the course notes I provided for that... Continue Reading →

Top 10 FAVs of 2015 – #1

Milky Way rising over the Waimea Pier (6 October 2015) Sony A7Rii +┬áZeiss Distagon T* 15mm f/2.8 ZE 30s @ f/2.8 iso 64000 My favorite image of 2015 was the shot I took of the Milky Way rising over the Waimea Pier in Kauai. It's tremendously gratifying as it is an image that's been two... Continue Reading →

Top 10 FAVs of 2015 – #9

Waimea State Recreation Pier, Kauai, Hawaii (6 October 2015) Sony A7Rii + Canon TS-E 45mm/2.8 0.8s @ f/5.6 iso 100 I captured 3 of my top 10 favorites from this year during the week we spent in Kauai in October. I think the reason, other the the sheer incredible beauty of Kauai, is that I... Continue Reading →

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