Thank you Lopez Island Library & Friends

This morning Laura and I took down my show at the Lopez Island Library. It was an amazing experience and I am so very grateful for our library's support of local artists and for everyone who came by and commented on my imagery. Your kindness and support was overwhelming. Thank you so very much. Now... Continue Reading →

My Seasons of Discontent

There is an idea, which I strongly subscribe to, that bad weather equals good photography. And as I review my images at the end of each year it becomes obvious that summer is my least productive time for landscape "keepers". In truth there are a number of reasons why this happens and the primary one... Continue Reading →

My Favorite 16 Images of 2016

Sometimes it seems that I plan and go out shooting time and time again only to return home empty. So it can be a bit renewing to go through my year worth of published images to choose my handful of favorites. And this year is turning out to be the hardest I've yet had. I've... Continue Reading →

Crib Notes on Long Exposure Photography

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to give a private photography lesson on Lopez Island. The lesson was primary tailored towards long exposure photography but also include some general discussions on exposure and post processing techniques as well as some advice on gear. I thought I'd summarize the course notes I provided for that... Continue Reading →

Morning Light Project – That’s a Wrap

It hardly seems possible that I started this project a year ago. But as "they" say, time does fly by. It's been a pretty wonderful year filled with, mostly, beautiful mornings and great light. So I'll end this project with this month's shot from Kauai as well as my favorite images from my year long... Continue Reading →

Morning Light – September 2016

September is one of my favorite months for photography in the San Juan Islands. Sandwiched between "Fogust" and "Stormtober" it is the Goldilocks of fall months. The light is amazing, the mornings and evenings are still mostly pleasant and the light is exceptional. And this month was extra special for me as I came home... Continue Reading →

Morning Light – August 2016

August was an enjoyable and very successful month of early morning photography. Enjoyable since I made it out often and successful because a number of these early morning wake up calls resulted in inspiring images that made it to my "keeper" list. I can't help but start off the image parade with the August full... Continue Reading →

Morning Light – July 2016

My quest for compelling morning imagery for July was mostly met with misses, near misses and plenty of outright failures. In the end I managed only two keepers. Not that there is anything wrong with 2 keepers. That makes up a fine month actually. It's just that I had planned a bunch of interesting shoots... Continue Reading →

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