My Favorite 16 Images of 2016

Sometimes it seems that I plan and go out shooting time and time again only to return home empty. So it can be a bit renewing to go through my year worth of published images to choose my handful of favorites. And this year is turning out to be the hardest I've yet had. I've... Continue Reading →

Morning Light Project – That’s a Wrap

It hardly seems possible that I started this project a year ago. But as "they" say, time does fly by. It's been a pretty wonderful year filled with, mostly, beautiful mornings and great light. So I'll end this project with this month's shot from Kauai as well as my favorite images from my year long... Continue Reading →

Morning Light – July 2016

My quest for compelling morning imagery for July was mostly met with misses, near misses and plenty of outright failures. In the end I managed only two keepers. Not that there is anything wrong with 2 keepers. That makes up a fine month actually. It's just that I had planned a bunch of interesting shoots... Continue Reading →

Morning Light – May 2016

Spring is the busiest time of year for my photography. The weather turns warm and beautiful and the night sky clears and reveals its, almost forgotten, beauty. It's also the time when my commercial / real estate work really kicks off.  And I have been pulled hard by this amazing spring weather with stunning sunrises &... Continue Reading →

Morning Light – April 2016

Definitely a bit tardy on April's Morning Light post. Not because I haven't been out shooting sunrises because this has been one of busiest photography months that I can remember. I've probably averaged 20-30 hours of photography a week between my landscape work and my commercial real estate clients. And this month's images comes from... Continue Reading →

Top 10 FAVs of 2015 – #5

Hummel Lake Sunrise (30 November 2015) Sony A7Rii + Canon TS-E 45mm/2.8 2.5s @ f/5.6 iso 100 This image was one I captured for my ongoing "Morning Light" photography project. I want to "nudge" myself out of the house a bit more often for the sunrise and beautiful golden hour light of morning. As a... Continue Reading →

Morning Light – Week 2

As I continue my developing relationship with more early morning photo shoots I am quickly discovering the importance of planning. I am trying to become a better planner in general but for sunsets I have the advantage of being able to watch the weather during the day and decide if the conditions warrant a hike... Continue Reading →

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