Fair Isle Scotland – The Prelude

Wikipedia What’s that old saying, “Mamma don’t let you babies grow up to be Cowboy’s”, well let’s add “Don’t let your Photographer’s become travel agents”. Well at least not this one. It all started out innocently enough, an email blast with an “unbelievable” airfare from Seattle to Edinburgh. My mind quickly went to rolling Scottish... Continue Reading →

My Favorite 16 Images of 2016

Sometimes it seems that I plan and go out shooting time and time again only to return home empty. So it can be a bit renewing to go through my year worth of published images to choose my handful of favorites. And this year is turning out to be the hardest I've yet had. I've... Continue Reading →

Morning Light – Week 3

Yea, the above image is definitely a "bait and switch". It's not Lopez Island and it's not from this past week. It's a shot from Kauai of Shipwreck Beach from last winter. I promise I haven't given up and decided to sleep in, it's just that I'm getting beaten by the constant storms parading through... Continue Reading →

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