Responsible Droning

I confess that when it comes to drones and aerial photography I’m a bit perplexed and dismayed. On one hand I have a lifelong love of airplanes and flying. And combining that with my love of photography the two together are a match made in my own personal heaven. (More about my Avgeekness at the... Continue Reading →

Choosing a camera sensor, or film, size

Wikipedia Let's cut right to the chase. I'm not gonna boldly state what size camera or sensor or film size is the best. Photography is all about preferences and compromises and this choice is no different. What I will do is discuss the variety of formats that I've used and share some of my experiences,... Continue Reading →

Top 10 FAVs of 2015 – #8

Fisherman Bay Panorama, Lopez Island, WA (15 June 2015) DJI Phantom 3 1/100s @ F/2.8 iso 118 (4 shot stitched panorama) Altitude: 288ft I have to admit that this image was a pleasant surprise. I've tried a number of different DJI drones trying to find one that produced acceptable, to me, still images. But the... Continue Reading →

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