Choosing a camera sensor, or film, size

Wikipedia Let's cut right to the chase. I'm not gonna boldly state what size camera or sensor or film size is the best. Photography is all about preferences and compromises and this choice is no different. What I will do is discuss the variety of formats that I've used and share some of my experiences,... Continue Reading →

What kind of Camera should I buy

It Depends. If you're trying to figure out what kind of camera you're wanting or needing to buy, I'd wager that you're beginning your journey into photography or are rekindling an old love. If that's indeed the case you probably haven't really figured out which paths along the way your gonna go down and which... Continue Reading →


DP1 LANDSCAPES This is a collection of photos that I have taken with my Sigma DP1 & DP3 cameras. You can search the web for technical info on these unique cameras but I picked up the DP1 Merrill for landscape use based on its reputation for exceptional detail and its color rendition. This was the... Continue Reading →

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