Morning Light – Week 10

Bella Tierra DNR Park Sony RX1R + Zeiss Sonnar T* 35mm f/2 1/800s @ f/4 iso 100 Winters in the Pacific Northwest are a story in contrast. One week you can be shooting glorious orange sunsets and the next consists entirely of monochromatic skies and rain. The latter accurately describes this past week. I'll be honest,... Continue Reading →

Morning Light – Week 9

Sony A7Rii + Canon TS-E 24mm/3.5 20s @ f/4.0 iso 1250 More and more I'm finding that by morning I mean predawn twilight. I think part of the reason is because I have a bad habit of leaving before the end of twilight when I'm shooting sunsets and miss that end of the evening golden... Continue Reading →

Morning Light – Week 8

They say the only constant is change and that's certainly true shooting during the golden hour. It's not uncommon for me to set up my tripod and wait, hoping, for the great light. But for this week's Morning Light Shoot I took it to the extreme: I captured the same exact composition through the entire... Continue Reading →

Morning Light – Week 7

Sony RX1R + 35mm f/2.0 1/80s @ f/22 iso 160 I really did not want to get out of bed for this morning's shoot. First off the skies were clear which meant no interesting clouds and a cold winter day. And second, it was my birthday. But my goal with this project is too add a... Continue Reading →

Morning Light – Week 6

1361 Lopez Sound Rd (Real Estate Sunrise Shoot) Sony A7R + Canon TS-E 24mm/3.5 1/13s @ f/22 iso 100 Yep, another sunrise image from the archive. The purpose of this self inflicted project is to help get me out of the house more often for the glorious early morning light. Not to entice me to... Continue Reading →

Morning Light – Week 5

Christmas Full Moon Setting over Friday Harbor San Juan Island (12/24/2015) Sony A7Rii + Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* f/4.5-5.6 100-300mm 2s @ f/? iso 640 The week of Christmas cheer was not very cheerful for this morning light hunter. I planned, and actually departed, for three different shoots including Sperry Peninsula, Fisherman Bay, Agate Beach, Otis Perkins Day... Continue Reading →

Morning Light – Week 4

This week there were two, well barely two, mornings that had a potential for decent light. Both started out similarly with cloudy grey skies that parted just enough to let the sun through during sunrise. I find that these types of skies have a high risk to reward ratio. Often I come home cold and... Continue Reading →

Morning Light – Week 3

Yea, the above image is definitely a "bait and switch". It's not Lopez Island and it's not from this past week. It's a shot from Kauai of Shipwreck Beach from last winter. I promise I haven't given up and decided to sleep in, it's just that I'm getting beaten by the constant storms parading through... Continue Reading →

Morning Light – Week 2

As I continue my developing relationship with more early morning photo shoots I am quickly discovering the importance of planning. I am trying to become a better planner in general but for sunsets I have the advantage of being able to watch the weather during the day and decide if the conditions warrant a hike... Continue Reading →

Morning Light – Week 1

I have wanted to add some projects to my photography for some time. I like the idea of adding a bit of discipline to my shooting as well as branching out and shooting with a different approach than I usually do. So this my first of what I hope will be many projects as I... Continue Reading →

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