The Busy Time

From about mid March to mid April is without a doubt the busiest time of year for my Real Estate Photography business. As I have every year for the pas 3 or 4 I've created content for the Real Estate books that are available on the Washginton State Ferries

Film Coming off the Scanner

Of little surprise is my affinity of photographing old buildings, especially barns. I love the form, function and character of these amazing structures. They all seem to have their own story to tell. And this set occurred during a rainy, wet, Pacific Northwest day. Perfect for black and white. One of the things I really... Continue Reading →

My Return to Film, 50 Rolls in

Waimea Pier -┬áSunset Long Exposure - Waimea, Kauai HI Hasselblad Xpan + Fujifilm Velvia 50 I've now shot 50 rolls of film since I dove back down that amazing photography rabbit hole so I wanted to share a few thoughts. So in no particular order here we go. Shooting film is hard, at least for... Continue Reading →

Kauai Film Reveal

There's a pretty huge difference between shooting film and taking digital images. But the one that strikes me the most, is how different the workflow is. In digital I'd shoot up the scene and process each day's images at night. Then post away to social media and lean back waiting for my 15 minutes of... Continue Reading →

Back to my Roots, Film Photography

Fujifilm Velvia 50 Slide Film Hasselblad 500CM Fujifilm Velvia 50 Slide Film Hasselblad Flexbody It probably been easy to notice that my interaction with social media, and this blog, has slowed way, way down of late. Some of that has been due to the incredibly exciting and busy year of exhibitions and commercial work. But... Continue Reading →

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