The Best Laid Plans of Mice & Men

Do sometimes, if only rarely, work to perfection. Such was my convoluted journey to Fair Isle Scotland (although locals might stubbornly prefer “Fair Isle Shetland”. But I’m smart enough not to get involved with that debate). And although I confess to being weary from the journey, it was so definitely worth it.

Fair Isle Scotland – Day 1 (Tuesday 28 August 2018)

This is my second visit to Great Britain, the first being Wales and Ireland about 10 years ago. And now, as then, it seems I was born to this culture. From the tea and biscuits, to the gravies, pies and custards, to the moody weather. I love them all.

My last ferry, of the trip, arrived on Fair Isle around 2:30 and although pretty beat, I couldn’t resist a short walk up Malcom’s Head. Fatigue won out and I didn’t make it to the top but I plan a return trip. On the way down I stopped to take my first, of what will likely become many, images of the South Light where I’m staying.

Oh, and one note about this last leg of my journey: The Good Shepherd IV ferry ride from Grutness Pier on Shetland to Fair Isle was the first time I’ve ever worn, and needed, seat belts on a ferry. I napped through most of it and had no trouble maintaining possession of my breakfast. Although I’m sure the ride would have been considered pretty calm.

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  1. Oh, so glad you arrived safe and sound and will eagerly follow your stay! I did warn you in an earlier post of the rough seas in that part of the world. Never was sea-sick but most of my fellow travelers up there were. Beautiful photo of the South Light.


    1. Thanks Margaret. The ferry ride was easy, and actually the whole trip has been easy and great so far. Spent the first 2 days mostly scouting, but up early today and shot for “real”. Trying to find some time to get some blogging done. It’s hard cause this Scottish weather is so perfect. LOL Who knew?


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