Film Coming off the Scanner

Of little surprise is my affinity of photographing old buildings, especially barns. I love the form, function and character of these amazing structures. They all seem to have their own story to tell. And this set occurred during a rainy, wet, Pacific Northwest day. Perfect for black and white.

One of the things I really love about shooting film is that it slows me down. And it’s really the whole process that slows down from capture to processing (scanning) to culling to posting. This give me a chance to review and reflect on images rather than rush them out to “press”. What happens is that some images that I instantly love, fade a bit with time. And others, that are more subtle rise up and become more dear as I get to know them. I think this “slowing down” helps me to flush out more intimate compositions that I would normally miss when shooting quick and just snagging the dramatic sunsets.

Next up was some Velvia slides and black and white negatives from our last trip to Maui. Hawaii is a high risk / huge reward location for shooting slide film. Many of the scenes have far too much contrast to easily capture on Velvia. But… slide film just pops the color of the tropical pacific when you can tame the exposure so it’s definitely worth the risk / cost.

So my island ritual was to shoot Velvia during the golden hours or when the light was filtered and more subdued and then shoot black and white during the harsher midday light. I spent a bunch of time, and film, shooting beach rocks in the surf this trip. There’s a million compositions and each frame is graced by a unique surf. And endless, but enjoyable, pursuit.

We’ll finish off with a few more beach shots on Fujifilm Velvia slide film. A series of 4 images all with the exact same composition, well except for the wave action. There’s something about trying to phootgraph the implied motion in a still image that captivates me. Still not sure which of these I prefer.

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