Morning Light Project – That’s a Wrap

It hardly seems possible that I started this project a year ago. But as “they” say, time does fly by. It’s been a pretty wonderful year filled with, mostly, beautiful mornings and great light. So I’ll end this project with this month’s shot from Kauai as well as my favorite images from my year long Morning Light Project.

To say that Kauai is stunningly beautiful is a grand understatement. But quite often that beauty is sandwiched in between passing squalls and rain. And this trip it seemed to want to rain or, at the very least, be cloudy at exactly the times I was hoping to snag a shot. So most of my morning excursions end up in the near miss column. In the end I managed one “keeper” out of a bunch early morning outings.

This shot above was one of the few mornings where the sun actually managed to throw a bit of color on the clouds.

The weather pattern for most of the time we were there was a thick band of clouds on the horizon that obscured the sun until it was too high to produce soft light. One of the features of being near the equator is that the “golden hour” feels more like the golden 15 minutes. The light goes from being beautiful and soft to bright and harsh much quicker than it does at my home latitudes of the Pacific Northwest.

And even though my last month of chasing morning light was a bit rough, looking through my favorites from this project is a great reminder why the alarm clock is one of the most important tools in landscape photography.

Many thanks to those of you who followed along with these morning outings. Your enthusiasm and camaraderie was amazing.

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