Morning Light – July 2016

My quest for compelling morning imagery for July was mostly met with misses, near misses and plenty of outright failures. In the end I managed only two keepers. Not that there is anything wrong with 2 keepers. That makes up a fine month actually. It’s just that I had planned a bunch of interesting shoots only too have a less than cooperative mother nature.

The misses and the fails were mostly milky way and moon setting shots. These are the types of shots with the most planning and the highest risk of failure since I’m wanting certain celestial objects to be in the “right” place at the “right” time. So of course weather and clouds get a vote and they haven’t been toeing the party line much this summer.

But fortunately during one of my pre-dawn trips south I was gifted with a “gimme” shot. A beautiful beginning of a sunrise over Hummel Lake.

I had been planning to revisit Hummel Lake during sunrise as I’d been inspired by a great, older, black and white panorama I saw at the Lopez Island Historical Museum. And with such beautiful conditions, I found two compelling compositions. The first was a stunning foreground of the leaves from the water plants with the morning sun rising in the distance.

And the second was a three shot stitched panorama right before sunrise. This is my color version of that image I saw on the Lopez Island Historical Museum.

So even with all my planning and scouting…

Sometimes Luck is Better Than Skill

At least it sure feels that way sometime.

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  1. I’m very impressed! Let me just say; i’ve seen the word ‘failure’ with a lot of photogs… Too myself, i’ve never looked at any attempt as a failure. As an Artist, the world is your canvas, so any attempt to capture or create is just another step in the right direction to creating the one great work of art. Think of it as a puzzle piece, each piece is important, not by itself, but by fitting in with others. Some pieces are not as pretty as the others, but together they create something great! One step at a time, piece by piece. Not one failure at a time. Your work is outstanding! Bill, every piece of it! and every attempt.


    1. Thank you Susan for your comment. I very much enjoy connecting and interacting though photography. I think I’m internally wired for a Yin-Yang view of the world. So for me, "failure" is an integral part of "success". Without one the other wouldn’t exist. So if I didn’t fail I wouldn’t succeed and success, obviously, is pretty darn sweet. So failure is a success and success is a failure.
      But maybe they got my wiring wrong at the factory. 🙂


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