Awareness without Guilt (or Judgement)

It has been suggested to me a time or two that I don’t seem happy with, or enjoy,  my photography because I’m always looking for ways to improve. Usually when the topic comes up, I’m totally blindsided by the idea because I love the beauty and challenge of capturing compelling images.

For me, improvement or personal growth is totally different from critique or criticism. And one of the things I love about photography is that the learning curve is steep and endless. I often refer to myself as a “student” of photography. Another belief which elicits responses that I’m too critical of myself and don’t give myself enough credit. But the credit and praise comes from getting even a little bit close to capturing an image that does the beauty all around us justice.

So I can be aware that my talents will never truly capture the immense beauty of nature without feeling at all guilty of being inadequate to the task.

12 thoughts on “Awareness without Guilt (or Judgement)

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  1. Bill, your pictures are breathtakingly beautiful. Your body of work is an inspiration not just to photographers, but to anyone to go out and try to seek such landscapes.Fine job dear sir!Kathy Carter💜Facebook Friend


    1. Thank you Kathy for taking the time to view and comment on my photography. I sure appreciate your support and kindness. Bill


  2. Bill, I find all your photos breathtaking. I truly appreciate your gift and art allowing the public to see such magnificent Earthly beings. You just keep on shining in your own spotlight because when we find our passion, expression to the world unfolds a magnitude that only grows.


    1. Pam,
      Thanks so much for you kind words and great support. I have greatly enjoy sharing my photography and connecting with with folks on social media. Never expected it, but it has be a joy. 🙂


  3. My guess would be that those who say you are not happy with your work, don’t know you well. Those who do, know you strive for perfection in all that you do.


    1. Thanks Sally,
      And of course it’s not really perfection that I’m striving for, since that’s impossible. It’s just improvement and growth as a person and a photographer. One of those is more difficult than the other. LOL


  4. Amazing photos and brilliant logic in striving to hone your skills. The world of photography is ever changing and wide open to explore new techniques. Love your work, stories and passion.


    1. Thank you so much Nancy. I sure appreciate you taking the time to comment and your continued support of my work.
      Cheers, Bill


  5. I so agree with you on growth. Failing to continue to grow leads to stagnation, and we are the leaders in our learning.


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