Fail Your Way to Extraordinary

I may never become extraordinary at anything that I do, but it won’t be from a lack of failure. I recently stumbled onto this video from Benjamin Von Wong that perfectly sums up my relationship with failure.

The simple premise is:

Fail Your Way to Extraordinary


The Faster You Fail, The Faster You Improve

All too often when you talk about failure people think you are being “too hard on yourself” and they want to look at the positives or “half full” view. But for me failure is “Yang” to successes “Yin”. Without one the other doesn’t exist.

So in spite of my god given talent for failure, I’m hoping to become much, much better at it.

6 thoughts on “Fail Your Way to Extraordinary

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  1. Bill, true we do learn from failure. But the love you have for photography and the beauty I see when I look at them…… Extraordinary. Thank you for sharing your passion with us. Cheryl Eskildsen.


    1. It is truly my pleasure Cheryl. And every image that I post online has many, many failures behind them that I don’t show. But they are an integral part of the process of creativity. Well that’s my story anyway. LOL


    1. Thanks so much LaJune. I have just about settled on my printing process and materials and just printed the Deception Pass shot and entered in our local fair. I sure appreciate all your patience as I worked through the many options available for printing, framing etc.


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