Morning Light – April 2016

Definitely a bit tardy on April’s Morning Light post. Not because I haven’t been out shooting sunrises because this has been one of busiest photography months that I can remember. I’ve probably averaged 20-30 hours of photography a week between my landscape work and my commercial real estate clients. And this month’s images comes from both of my “lines of work”.

The prime reason I turned this “weekly” project into a monthly was so I could “throw away” more shots and cull harder. Many times I go out shooting and fail to find compelling compositions or the light isn’t what I’d hoped for. So no one ever sees those images. It’s pretty disappointing to spend hours shooting and then toss the images in the digital trash can. But them’s the breaks.

Only not this month. This month was an amazing set of three morning shoots that took my breath away and challenged my skills to come close the beauty that was actually there.

The first was a series of images I captured from the Upright Head Land Bank Preserve as the sun was rising over Mount Baker. I’ve been spending a lot more time lately using pretty extreme telephoto lenses in my landscape shooting. This helps me isolate my subjects but it also allows me to focus on a particular color or texture of the sky.

The second was a real estate listing shoot for a new client. It’s a stunning waterfront home on the east side of Lopez Island so the client added sunrise & twilight images to the shot list.

This was the polar opposite of the Mt Baker sunrise as there wan’t a cloud to be found anywhere. But the clarity of the sky and stunning hues of color more than made up for the lack of clouds. It was a simple, beautiful sunrise that really helped to showcase the property. Which, after all, was the whole reason for the shot.

The final morning was a “stop and grab” shot as no tripods were harmed in the crafting of this image. I was on my way to a another client shoot and was stopped dead in my tracks by the light and mist on Hummel Lake. I just pulled the car over to the side of the road and waited for the perfect moment. Not sure I caught the “perfect” one but I was pretty darn happy with the moment I did capture.

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  1. If you haven’t entered into any contests I would encourage you to do so. Thinking of Costco’s photo contests which reach a greater audience.


    1. LaJune, Thanks so much for thinking of me and taking the time to offer up a suggestion. I haven’t read the fine print for Costco’s photo contests but often time contest are used by companies as a way to obtain rights to photographer’s images. Often the fine print on the entry states that by entering you provide unlimited right for use of an image. It’s a very cheap way for a company to get marketing material. I’m sure there are good and fair contests but It takes quite a bit of time to sort them out.


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