Morning Light – Week 6

  1361 Lopez Sound Rd (Real Estate Sunrise Shoot) Sony A7R + Canon TS-E 24mm/3.5 1/13s @ f/22 iso 100 1361 Lopez Sound Rd (Real Estate Sunrise Shoot) Sony A7R + Canon TS-E 24mm/3.5 1/13s @ f/22 iso 100

Yep, another sunrise image from the archive. The purpose of this self inflicted project is to help get me out of the house more often for the glorious early morning light. Not to entice me to post ordinary images. And I did make it out this week but the results all ending up on the cutting room floor. So what went wrong…

Well lots of things. But mostly planning. See I decided I would take advantage of the recent gorgeous weather we’ve been having in the San Juan Islands and try a do-over of my Morning Light – Week 3 twilight shoot of the Washington State Ferry in our ferry dock. I went the night before and scouted out a compelling composition so I wouldn’t have to hunt around in the cold dark pre-dawn light. But the mistake is one an islander should never make, I forgot to check the ferry schedule. And it had changed since week 3. My planned on 7:40 am boat had become an 8:00 am boat. So my glorious twilight became a not quite sunrise light. So no warm glow on the ferry from the sunrise and no reflections from the ferries lights. A wash all the way round.

Here’s my, mostly useless, sun chart for this shoot.

In case anyone’s still reading I’ll chat a bit about the archived sunrise post I that substituted for this weeks no show. Twilight exterior shots are an important feature for my Real Estate & Commercial Photography business. I find the best results occur when the sun is behind the home being photographed. So for west facing properties I prefer to shoot twilight during sunsets and for east facing properties I like to shoot during sunrise. Well like might be a strong word here.

Here is the twilight shot of that accompanied this sunset.

The sun hasn’t quite come up but I’m still getting a warm pre-dawn light on the house. Yet I still retain some of the coolness of the twilight sky.

The sunrise itself was a three shot, lens shift & stitched panorama which is one of my bread and butter techniques. So many of the homes on our island have gorgeous, 180 degree views that I find panoramas kind of mandatory to give the view the credit it deserves. And this one was pretty special.

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