Morning Light – Week 3

Yea, the above image is definitely a “bait and switch”. It’s not Lopez Island and it’s not from this past week. It’s a shot from Kauai of Shipwreck Beach from last winter. I promise I haven’t given up and decided to sleep in, it’s just that I’m getting beaten by the constant storms parading through the Pacific Northwest.

My goal for this week’s shoot was to capture an image of the 7:30am Lopez Island to Anacortes ferry at the dock loading cars. The timing looked pretty good as the ferry was scheduled to depart  right between twilight and sunrise. And with luck I though I might even get a touch of color in the clouds opposite the sunrise.

Luck was not what I found when I got up and headed out. Our home is pretty much surrounded by trees so I don’t get to know what the conditions are until I load up and drive off. And as soon as I hit the main road, I knew I wasn’t getting a twilight sunrise shot on this morning.

I went ahead with the shoot, I was up after all, figuring I’d see what I could get.

This was the shot I had in mind when I was planning for this shoot.  I was banking on the warm morning light hitting the foreground, the dock and the ferry but not eclipsing the artificial lights. I didn’t get any of that with the stormy, ominous clouds that showed up.

Here’s another composition that I liked, but again, not with the dark clouds as the backdrop.

I still like this idea for a shot so I’ll keep in on my list if/when the condition are right. So on the plus side it’s nice to have a shot idea scouted out and only be waiting for the proper conditions.

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