Morning Light – Week 1

I have wanted to add some projects to my photography for some time. I like the idea of adding a bit of discipline to my shooting as well as branching out and shooting with a different approach than I usually do. So this my first of what I hope will be many projects as I progress in my photographic journey.

Morning Light (aka sunrises, aka damn early in the morning)

As a Landscape photographer there are two “perfect” times of the day to go out shooting, the golden hours before sunset and after sunrise. I’m great with the sunsets. Sunsets work great for my normal shooting method of getting to a location an hour or two early, scouting out compositions that I like, then setting up and then waiting for the light.

But I have never been good at sunrises. First off, I’m usually up so the early thing isn’t really the big part of the problem. It’s more a comfort thing. Plus it totally throws a wrench in my whole early / scout / wait routine. So the goal of this project is to lean into that discomfort.

So I’ll be shooting and posting one sunrise shoot per week for a while. Maybe a year.

So my first outing for this project was November 26, 2015. I picked this day because it was one day after the full moon so the Moonset would occur just after the sun comes up. I like to capture moonrises and moonsets like this because I get a bit more light to expose my foregrounds.

One of the fun things I liked about this shoot was the progression of colors as the sun started to come. The image at the top of this post was shot about 20 minutes before sunrise so it was almost completely twilight with just a hint of pink from the rising sun.

The next shot I captured was about 10 minutes before sunrise and the rising sun is clearly making its presence known. The pink in the sky has increased dramatically and the steel blue twilight is changing to a more sky blue color.

My final shot of the morning happened not quite 10 minutes after sunrise.

And all remnants of twilight are long gone as we head into the golden hour light of sunrise.

So there we go, week 1 in the books. All in all, I truly fabulous morning of photography. Time to start planning for week 2.

3 thoughts on “Morning Light – Week 1

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  1. Beautiful, Bill! I have a great sunrise view from home, but I rarely photograph it. Thanks for catching this one and sharing it here. I’m looking forward to more sunrise images – however many of them you do, it will make a fantastic collection.


    1. Thanks so much Iris. I was out again this morning and I’m really enjoying the peace and quiet that come from being up early.


  2. These are beautiful, Bill! Thanks for sharing them. I love seeing the sunrises when I go offisland, but now I can stay home and look at your photos!


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